Rediculous - Anthony Canada

I live in Leduc, Alberta. I am 16 years old and currently in 10th grade. My ambition is to study at the university of Alberta and pursue  the career of a forensic scientist. I have been playing roller derby for almost 5 yrs now. I play for the Wild Rose All Stars team in Edmonton AB. I play the positions of jammer and pivot as those at the positions I feel the most successful playing. One of my aspirations in life is to not only be successful in my career but also making time for roller derby. Being on team Canada means everything to me.I am extremely thankful for this opportunity and I will use this experience to my advantage and will excel and move forward in my roller derby career.
Kendra Gibennus


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I live in Edmonton, Alberta and am part of the Wild Rose All Stars. I have been skating for three years with the Greater Edmonton Junior Roller Derby Association. I really enjoy Jamming. I don’t have much of a sports background, but I really enjoy playing roller derby. My hobbies include playing guitar and making art.

Being on this team is a lovely opportunity and one that I am really looking forward to. I’m going to get to meet so many new and interesting players and learn a lot.

FN Perfect

Photo Credit Russ Desaulniers

Photo Credit Russ Desaulniers

Hi, My name is Zoe Nicholson (FN Perfect) and I currently play for the VJRD ScreamPunks and officiate with the TCRG authority figures in Vancouver BC. I’ve been skating for about five years and I love to pivot, block, and jam. I’ve always been pretty active. For example, I started gymnastics at a young age and ever since then I’ve been very interested in health and fitness. Roller derby means the world to me and representing Canada alongside 29 other amazing skaters is a dream come true. Click here to help support FN Perfect and her fellow teammates get to the World Cup 2015.


Hanzilla - Lizette Barbour

My name is Hannah Simonson, I skate with Winnipeg Junior roller Derby League, in Winnipeg Manitoba.
I like to switch it up and play all three positions. In my spare time I like to listen to music and hang out with friends.
I don’t have any sports background, just school based team sports.

Being on Canada’s first Junior Roller derby team is literally the most amazing! I feel very privileged to have one of the 30 spots on this team. I can’t wait to practice with these awesome skaters, it is really going to be an a great experience, I am so thankful for this opportunity.

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Kenny Kaos

Kenny Kaos - N_AKenny Kaos  is from and lives in Edmonton, Alberta, skates with the Greater Edmonton Junior Roller Derby Association and is on their house team, The Wild Rose All Stars.

Skating since the Fall of 2012, she’s typically a blocker but loves every opportunity to jam as there’s nothing like the feeling of getting through a really tough pack.

Hobbies?  Derby is her hobby, as is almost anything she can be playing.

In the past she’s run track and played indoor soccer and for the last two years has been on her highschool swim team.

Being on the first ever Team Canada Junior Roller Derby…one word – AMAZING!!  The idea of representing the best country in the world by playing THE coolest sport around for young women is an adventure I’m very much looking forward to and will cherish forever.  To be meeting and skating with young people from other parts of this country and the world is very exciting.  We’re all winners, no matter what the scoreboards will say.

The Derby community is one like no other and I’m very proud to be part of it.  I’ve been so fortunate to have received mentorship from some of the most talented and caring people involved in our GEJRDA league.  The support Junior Derby has in our community is nothing short of amazing.  I can’t thank you all enough for all your support, coaching and yes even the figurative kick in the butt I needed once in a while.  I will unleash the Kaos!!

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Thunder Pain

Photo Credit @ McQueen Photography

Photo Credit @ McQueen Photography


I play with Greater Edmonton Junior Roller Derby Association on The Wild Rose All Stars Team. I live in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta. I started Roller Derby in January 2014. My preferred skating position is blocker. I love frustrating the jammer! Drawing, watching anime, and roller skating are a few of my hobbies.
I took Tae Kwon-Do when I was 5 years old, for a total of 4 years. I also played Ringette as a goaltender for 4 years.
To become a part of a team is a privilege. Few people ever get the wonderful opportunity to experience the support of teammates and friends on the track. I am so proud to represent my country at the first ever World Junior Cup. To know that future teams will look to us as pioneers of our sport.

Goldie Lex

Goldie Lex - Brangwyn JonesI skate for Candy Crushers Junior Roller Derby (I am also the only junior on the(VIAS)Vancouver Island All-Stars)
My hometown is Duncan, British Columbia.
I have been skating 3 Years (and counting)
My favorite position is Jammer/Blocker/Pivot…as long as I am on the track.
My hobbies are Derby, Derby and more Derby
I have a background in Karate as well.

Being on this team is a dream come true. I Breathe, Eat, Sleep, and Dream of Derby.. I Love it so much !!

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Frank’N Hurter‏

Frank N Hurter - TJ ChaseMy league is NWO and my team is the Honey Badgers
My home town is Chilliwack B.C. This is my third year skating and my favourite position is a blocker my hobbies are basically playing roller derby it takes up most of my life. I have no other sports background roller derby is the only sport that’s ever meant something go me.
Being on this team inspires me. It makes me play harder and train harder. the idea that I’ll get to practice and play with so many amazing people and have the possibility of going to the World Cup  amazes me and the support I get from everyone I know makes me feel like I can do this. When this is all over I know I will be a better person, player and team mate and that makes all the hard work worth it.

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Marty Mcdie

Marty McDie - Derby photo by CarinI skate with Vancouver Junior Roller Derby’s  Vancouver Screampunks. I have been skating for one year.
My preferred skating position is jammer My hobbies include: Guitar, Electric Bass, Skateboarding, Downhill Longboarding, and Archery.
I played baseball for 5 years, and I skateboard, and Downhill longboard.
This team means to me the opportunity to skate and challenge myself harder than I ever have, and to meet other people who love the sport as much as I do.

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Shelly Helly

Shelly Helly - TJ ChaseShelly Helly began skating with the Greater Edmonton Junior Roller Derby Association in Edmonton in 2011 and quickly became a core member of their Wild Rose All Star team. Shelly is regarded as a solid blocker but she often starts at the jammer line and has had great success wearing the star. In addition to her junior experience, Shelly Helly often plays at the adult level in invitational scrimmages and has been a regular on the roster for the Red Deer Belladonnas and St. Albert’s STAHR Heavenly Rollers. In 2014, Shelly once again joined the adults, playing in three games with Team Alberta against Team Ontario and Team Manitoba in Portage La Prairie, MB. Shelly can also be seen at games and tournaments wearing the stripes as an outside pack ref and is an accomplished NSO as well. She has volunteered at and/or NSO’d the 2014 Mens World Cup, 2012 RDAC Nationals and the 2013 Centrals.
Shelly began playing competitive sports at a young age and played both hockey and soccer before finding roller derby. Non-derby-related hobbies include texting, snapchat and forcing her mother, well-known Western Canadian referee Viv the Shiv, to drive and fly her all over North America to practice and play.
Having recently turned 17 years of age, being selected to Team Canada is a perfect start to Shelly Helly’s final season as a junior skater. She feels it is an acknowledgement of all the time she has devoted to the sport and that it will be an amazing and unforgettable experience skating with and against the top junior skaters in the world.
Shelly would like to add that her custom blue Antik skates have served her well over the past two years but, sadly, are showing wear and tear. She is now excited about designing a new set of boots and is leaning, patriotically, towards red and white for the colors!